At the Heart

At the Heart

In the middle of the Appalachian woodlands, explore the Kedgwick Forestry Museum, an outdoor museum showcasing an eventful area driven by the forestry industry between the 1930’s and the 1960’s. Logging camps, artifacts and lumbermen illustrate a way of life and unforgettable moments where the bond between the people and the forest in inseparable. Spend an afternoon or couple of days and experience what life in a 1930’s lumber camp was really like!

Musée Forestier Kedgwick NB


Museum Tour

Learn lumbering techniques, sample tasty treats and enjoy folk takes of the

Between Mountain Vistas and great Rivers

A multitude of activities is waiting for you on site or nearby. Camp, hike, bike, canoe; golf, or simply view of mountains splendor within the Appalachian Range.

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